What is The Elysian Living Foundation?

Elysian Living Foundation (ELF) was established so that anyone can become a generous giver through the power of collective action. Recognizing that affordability, knowledge and impact are a barrier to entry for many people who want to give back, ELF has launched an innovative online giving platform to help emerging philanthropists grant thousands of dollars to deserving nonprofits in their communities. The Elysian Living Foundation empowers members to have an impact by pooling money with other committed individuals to give a collective grant.

Where does my money go?

Your donations are pooled with other members of the Elysian Living Foundation and are donated to the 501(c)(3) organization(s) the group selects. The Elysian Living Foundation does not retain any of your donations for operations. 100 cents of every dollar ELF receives will go to the recipient organizations.

Who are the other people in the group?

Anyone is eligible to participate. The majority of participants are current or prior Elysian residents and Elysian employees.

How often does ELF make grants?

Currently, ELF gives two grants, once per year, in late December. One to our volunteering partner; in 2017 that is Habitat For Humanity. One to the organization the participants choose.

How do I learn what organizations are worthwhile?

In the coming months ELF will be uploading and expanding a Resource Library, which will connect readers to numerous articles, videos and blogs to help participants decide on areas of focus that are meaningful for them, as well as help evaluating which organizations are the most efficient and impactful. Ultimately what participants believe is meaningful is up to them. ELF will simply help jumpstart the discuss so participants can decide for themselves.

Why does Calida do this?

Calida has been so fortunate in its history to become a leader in housing innovation and socializing our Elysian communities. This is just the next step in our innovation to serve our residents and create a better living environment for them and the communities in which we operate. Giving is a very personal decision, both on how much to give and where to give. We don’t place judgments on whether one cause is more worthwhile than another. Who is to say that education, vs. public art, vs. homelessness, vs. medical research is more or less important. It’s all important. Ultimately we don’t care what our residents value most. We just care that they care. And so we created the Elysian Living Foundation to jumpstart the discussion, and catalyze the process of giving.

How do I change my donation amount?

Once you're logged in, go to your Account Settings, click on The Elysian Living Foundation tab and then click Edit Donation to make changes. Email us at info@elysianlivingfoundation.com if you have any further questions about your account.

I got an email about a failed donation, what do I do?

Log into the website, go to your Account Settings and click on the Billing Information tab. If your credit card expired or was cancelled, enter your new credit card information. If you recently moved and have a new billing address, you can update that information here as well. Please contact us at info@elysianlivingfoundation.com for general info if you’re still having issues.